Thursday, January 06, 2011

there's a song that you can find in every moment of your life

how weird. i opened and closed the blogger tab so many times. i just stared at the little blank box and wondered what i should write because there are so many small little things i feel like mentioning.

like how i finally bought a very simple bag after a very long and complicated consideration and even though the more practical side of me is aghast at my choice, the rest of me is quite satisfied with it. it's like... a rectangle with straps. like honestly, i don't think bags can get any simpler and i just like how deconstructed it is. but boy am i going to suffer for it when i have to carry more things/dig around to find stuff. oh wells, it would have been too easy to just buy a different coloured clone of my old 'yellow' bag.

oh and finally saw the best friend again after so long. kinda cool actually, since i saw jen on tues, zinc on wed, and ying today :D anyway we wandered around for a long time doing some general window shopping plus bag scouting on my part. lunch at 'swensons' where we underestimated the amount of food we ordered but mmmm it was good. then more dittering at the 'zinc' shop and as ying said, we were doing the exact same thing this time last year. hahas, thanks for tolerating all my indecisiveness and nonsensical ks-ism.

okay so i have more rubbish to add but ive been tasked to go fool around in photoshop again so that's all. and that reminds me, i want to change my blogskin again! need something simpler. this year is a time for simplifying everything, life's too complicated as it is. oh and i changed my wallet to a much plainer one, no more conical studs but it's lime green with hot pink insides. awesome yeah. oh and ahhh i want to make a tumbler cover for myself. gosh i have nothing inside the slot now and i feel weird when i drink from it cause ppl can see the water moving down and it just feels very awkward. i don't know why but it makes me feel very embarrassed hahahaha. oh wells, since bio review test is on friday (hooray!) i have time to go come up with a black and white one. gah, my mum refuses to buy ink because she says it's expensive :(

oh and random but i like the new starbucks logo!

ok off to be a little geeky again, tata :D