Monday, November 08, 2010


oh god. op's tmr. T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W!! 5mins of shamelessly spouting memorised crap followed by more spontaneous crapping. and then... NO MORE PW OMGOMGOMGZOMG.

okay this is getting kinda hysterical :/

and i can't remember why i wanted to blog. oh yes. i've found something to do while all the good friends are off doing big things. i'm gonna... wait for it... make more blogskins hahaha. ok sorry anticlimatic. but i can't imagine how i managed to survive for so long without skinning. oh wait i know. i had frisbee. i can die happy now. as long as i can take my disk with me :D

anyway yes, i can't wait to go back to the days of css frustrations and photoshop headaches. i'm so excited the proverbial hands are rubbing in glee. and okay, no one probably gets what so great about it. i'm not sure too; just take it as my contribution to this giant black hole known as the internet.

but first, i gotta make sure i don't screw up my op. damn.