Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i'd give you my heart on a string

i can't believe the hols have passed so quickly; after tomorrow it'll be half gone. so quick summary time i guess. saturday went to grandma's house and i'm not sure what to think about my grandma saying i wasn't wearing anything particularly interesting. hey silver boots kay! then again i wear them too much already :/ oh and there was a quick 1 hour shopping trip before that; finally got my MJ tank at 30 from riverisland yay (L).

sunday went to sentosa to celebrate cousin's 21st. quite awesome; ate too many barbecued chicken wings to remember, drowned calorie woes in curry alongside extended family, popped into random conversations, snapped horrid shots with sis's SLR, puzzled over loud music coming from the beach party, took refuge in cute little kampong-style huts with aircon.

monday had to go to school for chem lab makeup session. titrated things, suddenly realised that methyl orange turns orange at endpoint (-.-), titrated again, finito. went to ikea with ying after that, randomed around the place admiring pots and beds, ate to our tummys' collective content, got our cleats for frisbee at queensway(omg i own soccer boots they look so weird next to my other shoes), home, went to eat more food, home. i spent 15bucks on food alone D;

and today... lazy-ed out of 2hours of traveling and stayed home instead of going for ct outing. attempted to do homework but then freaked out and went to browse gmarket/taobao/f21/asos/uo instead. now i have lots of orders to make :S (this is what happens when i have so much homework that i don't want to do)

and that's about it. i think my bank account is gonna fall by about 200-300 bucks D;
and don't tell me he has a crush if you can't tell me who; now i really have to move on D; D; D;

i think this is why facebook proclaimed me a not-very-happy person :/
i know who's missing and i guess i'll just have to live with that.

Here's to the nights we felt alive
Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry
Here's to goodbye
Tomorrow's gonna come too soon