Thursday, December 10, 2009

wouldn't want to be in your shoes

i'm feeling kind of happy hormonal now from reading the book/ebook. i'm absolutely fangirling eric, who is this sexy viking vampire from the sookie stackhouse series, which is basically the book i've been reading with the booby girl.

anyway, i think my legs have been lagging cause now they ache from yesterday. me and ying sort of went to do field work for ODD at ion (read: window shopping :D) then went to run errands and get stuff for ODD. we bought 2meters of bubble wrap which is mighty awesome. i think i might buy some for popping fun next time i feel rich, which won't be too soon since i just blew 47bucks on a pair of shoes. and i wonder if i'll actually wear them since ying and i so stupidly wore heels (bah) yesterday and hence the aching feet.

my sis has recently been complaining about how i exclusively listen to mj songs only cause now i've got them stuck in her head too. but i cant help it, and i've been using his songs to sort of tackle my insomnia too. like i used to feel sleepy at 1am only, then i'd go to bed and toss and turn till around 3am before i finally fall asleep. and it didn't help that i was shit tired and had eyebags you could drown in. actually, i've always had the eyebags so nevermind. but listening to mj songs kinda lull me to sleep some time within the 1 hour i set on my ipod's sleep timer so it's better than tossing for 2hours.

and we saw a big pine at popular yesterday. so cute :D

"well after loving me, she said she couldn't love another"