Monday, December 21, 2009

too tired to do anything

i've been meaning to post about my korea + shanghai trip, but somehow too many emotional ups and downs have left me drained and typing out a long post with pictures just seems impossible right now.

livejournal is bloody screwing with me. need to fix the odd posts damnit.

avatar's a good movie. best enjoyed with a packet of fruit loops.

i must not lust over shoes. that is a shallow thing to do. i shall lust over hot guys with long hair instead.

why am i going to the blogskins outing? someone might eat me.

and this post finally got posted at 12.06am cause odd's still screwing and i'm taking a break.

i'll post about korea tomorrow. or rather today, if ying doesn't run me to the ground. and i mean that literally.

i need more chocolate so that i can drown my woes in artery-clotting goodness.