Saturday, December 26, 2009

last christmas i gave you my heart

so my posts always seem to be a little late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! and i'm supposed to be sleeping but since i woke up at 2pm today, my body clock is all messed up. and yeah i slept till 2 on christmas day, no worms for the bad bad late birdy.

anyway, considering i was at my grandma's house till midnight++ on christmas eve, sleeping in is justified even though all i did was play monopoly and write letters with sparklers. and my parents lost money in mahjong again. tsk tsk.

oh and of course, pardon the totally uglayy shots but hey, i'm still new to the whole camwhoring thing :D (heh my sis broke her horns, leaving me the only horn-y one -.-)

oooo and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE SUSAN! (how cool it must be to have your birthday on christmas day!)

(and prince is really starting to look like a panda. he was sleeping under the christmas tree today; so cute!)