Saturday, October 17, 2009

a whole new world

"In school, lots of people bully me because I'm fat."
" In school, we're classified into high class and low class. high class are them who wear expensive, branded stuffs and their dads are mostly rich. low class are geeks. basically, they're copying gossip girls."
"In school, I have no friends. And the people who pretend they are my friend are bitches."
" In school, my 'friends' like to steal my real friends. damn bitch sia!"
" In school, i get teased on because i'm short, and this bastard like to touch my face. Pervert much."
"In school, its hell. let me tell you: HELL. i made a big bloody mistake of going to this freaking secondary school which does not have tamil. and guess wat? all of the bloody people in there are racists. one day i am going to take a gun to school and shoot all of them."
"In school, i'm a very quiet person. I have only a few friends to talk with, the rest i treat them all as transparent, just like how they treat me too."

i just realised how lucky i am. lucky to be in nanyang and lucky to have the friends i have. sometimes i wonder if it's this kind of environment that has turned my sis into the person she is. i wonder if i should start taking her seriously when she talks about bitches and gangs.