Friday, October 23, 2009

the thirteen biker gang?

i can't believe we cycled for three hours for no particular reason at all, and from 10 to 12+ too at that. we had nada displacement and all i got out of it was a bloody massive sunburn. i'm red from head down and my collarbones hurt. almost my entire arm is sunburned, except my fingers which is weird but i suppose that's cause they were curled around the handlebars. and i have bloody tanlines now. TANLINES MY GOODNESS. i haven't even been tan in goodness knows how long and now... it's a really disturbing sight.

anyway, after cycling was bowling and that was quite random (what skillzxz??) though i took great pleasure in trying to convince joey that i was a vampire since all the pictures of me turned out totally blurry. and considering how i burn under the sun like nobody's business that might hold some truth ;)

and i would random more about the brief and equally fruitless trip to vivo but i need to go drown myself in aloe vera. and damnit issit supposed to feel so much like coating myself with superglue?