Monday, October 12, 2009

it's close to midnight...

ok so actually it isn't, but thriller just started playing and the first line is kinda cool :D and even though i didn't do much revising today, i'm quite happy cause now i'm the proud owner of a mj concert dvd which i am dying to watch but unfortunately can't. i need to stop distracting myself. but that's impossible. if i'm a distraction to myself i can't possibly remove the distraction cause if i remove myself then what's left to do the studying?

ok i'm a bit confused right now. i shall just study what i can study and not do what i don't know how to do. better than studying everything without sleeping and then not be able to finish the paper even though i know how to do the questions. that's just a complete waste of effort. then again, the whole point of studying is not for the exam grades but for the point of learning stuff. but if there weren't exams i wouldn't be studying anyway. so better to study just for the marks then to not study at all right?