Friday, October 09, 2009

either you're wrong or you're right

wow, it's been so long since i last blogged. anyway, chem paper sucked today. and i don't think i'm gonna do well and don't tell me i will cause i know i wont. let's not burn down any more paradises, i just hope to get... 65 - 70%?

and on the way home i was talking to zinc about the furry ones and since i can't remember what i wanted to blog about, i shall post pictures of cute adorable animals :D

see zinc they look like weasels!

and then, of course they grew bigger. and bigger.

and here's the shot of christy trying to fish that i was talking about :D

sigh. i miss being p5 when exams were shorter and homework was easier. and when the dogs were smaller and all together less loud :/