Monday, September 14, 2009

i think i just pulled a thought muscle

i think one of the dangers of taking long showers, aside from thoroughly prune-ing myself, is that i end up thinking too much.

and now that i'm slightly less drenched and significantly cleaner, all those deep insightful thoughts seem to have slipped away. who knows where they go to, but i guess it's not somewhere you'll find purple bunnies nibbling on oreos.

and... oh what the heck. i might as well spew all the random wishy washy muses my head cooks up. and on the menu today, would be... people. so i'm obviously not talking about cannibalism here (don't look so shocked) but more on .. well, people. and how they've affected me. and since this isn't like the usual random things i dish out, do try and take it with a pinch of salt.

so... i guess i'll have to hope my ramblings make sense later, seeing as how i can't organise my thoughts on the fly. and i can't do lists too, nor plan stuff, nor any other form of organisational work. which i suppose this person can.

she's really quite awesome, and somewhat inspiring. she's such a nice person, i wonder if sometimes i should try to be more like her. i probably should learn to be as disciplined as her i guess, because then maybe some of my work would get done. and i guess i need a more optimistic outlook in life. i probably need to learn to be more patient too, and i guess she's helped me realize a lot of things.

and i suppose this other person has made realize a lot of things too. though she scares me sometimes; quite an enigma she is. i admire her strong beliefs, and her resourcefulness, and her all around ability to think quickly on the spot. her achievements are quite humbling, and sometimes i wonder if i should be a little more driven.

and then there's another person, who's really lucky in that she knows what she wants out of life. i hope you end up where you want to be, and do send some postcards when you get there. and i guess being cautious can be good, but sometimes taking risks and generally doing something different is good too. maybe i should try tackling life like the way i play bridge, though i probably wont be so lucky as to end up with a royal flush. and i really have to thank you for introducing me to... well something that i really enjoy now. perhaps not too friendly on my rather insubstancial fiances, but nevertheless still something i enjoy.

and then... yet another enigma i suppose. then again, i suppose everyone's an enigma, seeing as how i'm absolute hogwash at reading people. but back to the point. i don't really know what to say. you seem to have found a nice balance all around and you know how to get what you want. i guess this is where i have to learn to assert myself. though i envy how you've had the chance to read so many amazing books. so we've got different tastes in them, as well as in everything else, but we were quite different to start with. i think you've changed me a lot. and believe it or not, you seriously altered the course of my one tiny life when you introduced me to the world of harry potter (don't blame her; i'm sure she meant well at that time). but, it was good. and yes, being obsessive is bad. and... ok so i think i'm still quite obsessive, but at least it's only on fanfiction and not useless things like pet society. and... this is really getting quite long.

and i guess we've all changed. quite a lot, actually. and i think it's time this soul searching stopped. if this gets any sappier i think silas will scoff at me. bah, i love you too. try not to lag so much yeah.

and cookie, amber, angel and kimberly, i'm sorry for feeding you so much. please don't die on me anytime in the near or distant future. and vicky, you're snoring.

Az ich vel zein vi yener, ver vet zein vi ich?
If I would be like someone else, who would be like me?