Tuesday, August 11, 2009

teddybear trafficking

i honestly think i've laughed too much today. but patrick rothfuss is seriously as funny as his book is good. i think i may start worshiping him soon. (i hope book two comes out before someone tries to turn me into a canned fangirl)

anyway, i need to stop losing track of all the fantasy serieses (seriess? what the hell is the plural of series!) i'm reading. and bloody hell, every copy of turn coat by jim butcher is either on loan or reserved at the library. HOW HORRIBLY HORRID. and me being unable to afford the 1.55 it costs to reserve a book, i shall wait until i chance upon a copy or harry dresden visits me in a dream (ha like jen's! i honestly wouldnt mind living out the book in my head :D)

and i realised that this blog is kinda dead, but somehow i have nothing much to rant/rave about. i wonder how zinc manages to update so often :/ and i need a new skin. and i need to start borrowing books i want to read before my table ends up buried under scribbled-on hotpink post-its. and i need to do my math portfolio. actually just homework in general would be a good start.

and robotics... is going to kill me. i seriously have no idea what to do at all. like completely clueless. it's a really depressing feeling to know that you're up against so many (300+ teams?) and there's nothing you can do to help yourself because you're already at your wits end and you just don't know what to do. and janice is sick and and joey is in london and we're the only sec 4 team and the only team that actually has the full 5 members. the expectations are so blatantly there that a giant blinking neon sign would be ten times more subtle. and the fact that we're called robotation does not help matters. yes our team is called robotation, i kid you not.

and for the record, i think gravity hates me.