Sunday, July 19, 2009

wear that middle finger proud


i was out with my mum and sis today and at the mrt platform, some guy tried to fine me for drinking water. i've seen people eating and drinking every time i go to an mrt and yet it had to be today of all days. what's more, i only took my bottle out cause my sis wanted water and i didnt want to give her and my mum insisted i did. so i took it out and since it was out, took a small sip and passed it to her. she then proceeded to gulp it down like a mammoth. then some time passed and this mrt staff walked up looking all official and important and asked for my identity. and because it's truly part of the singaporean character to mind everyone's business, a cleaning lady walked up and started shrieking “就是她!就是她在喝水!” while jabbing her broom at me. and because no one likes to miss out on the fun, some other auntie went up and asked, “baby 可以喝水吗?” and proclaimed shock when the guy said no. in the end the guy took down my name and school and somehow he seemed really shocked that i was 1. still schooling and 2. in nanyang. like wtf, stereotypes again. and gee, how i have been disillusioned.

regardless, i came home today and again by some random twist of fate i decided to play pet society even though i've quit for months. and then i got scammed -.- someone up there must really hate me.

and now i'm feeling feverish but i still have to go to school. i need to find myself a greener patch of grass soon.