Sunday, July 12, 2009

i can knot cherry stalks

a quest to help joey search for her soul has left me wondering why i need one. ok fine that's not true, but it sounded cool :D what ive really been wondering, ok not wondering but more like thinking, is that being a geper is extremely unfair.

first non-gepers in your generation think of you either as assholes (see retarded geper comic) or as "arrogant nerds and academic snobs who spend large amounts of time studying and have no interests in sports or other non-academic activities" (see wikipedia). so great, just because we passed some test when we were 9 years old we are officially losers.

but because we passed that same test, we are expected to be really successful in life, aka the exact opposite of a loser.

that honestly makes no sense. ok unfair stereotypes aside, the key issue that has me upset is that we are actually supposed to make it big in life. we have subsidies for our school fees and our education is mostly paid for using tax-payers' money (gee, stressful not.) so since so much effort has been poured into us, we now need to make sure we do what's expected of us and contribute back to society by becoming important people like doctors and lawyers. but what if we've (ok maybe just me) have always had a lifelong dream of rearing sheep in a farm? (and ignore the fact that singapore unfortunately has no space for such a thing)

the point is being a geper seriously limits our choices as to what we do with our lives. so if some geper ends up as a random small timer in a a small time office, the poor soul gets ostracized by non-gepers and faces disappointment from parents etc. there's so much pressure on being successful that it probably works against any attempts to be successful. unless you're seriously a really pro person then here's an early congratulations on being successful in life.

and now... i'm confused as to what ive been rambling about. point is, what on earth happens when i don't know what i want to do with my life? then again, seeing as i don't have many choices to start with, i might as well just pick one at random and go along with it.