Friday, June 06, 2008

panic attack

AHHH~! lols. for like, awhile just now, my com went wacky on me. like the my computer couldn't work and my internet explorer wouldn't work and everything sort of hung. and died and then my virus scan couldn't work but thank the powers that be cause everything is back to normal again.

silas please don't scare me like that.

yeah wells i'm going mad. and drowning in homework. eeee~! *random savage war cry* o.O yeahs definitely mad. but anw... i think i'm gonna change my skin. getting tired of this all white one. working on this diary style skin... it's super random. and i shall code it another day cause coding like sucks.

so now, time for a daily dose of random fengshuiiii :D hahas. you know how people in the past used to think that studying is very important? what with all the parents wanting their kids to be scholars and what not and it's not very different now. anw, it's a long-held belief that a god named Wen Chang has a name list of all the people sitting for an exam. hence, to increase one's luck in passing an exam, one should place the study table facing Wen Chang's direction. (and for the record, i have no idea what direction that is)

anw, to get into the qualifying name list, people in the past would die die avoid breaking some taboos, one of them being reading books in the toilet. this would be disrespecting Wen Chang and he/she will never pass the exam! mwahahaha!

so yes, moral of the story is, if you don't wanna kena fail your exam, don't study in the toilet.

also, some very superstitious gamblers don't allow their children to study in front of them in the morning cause the chinese pronunciation of book is like shu which is the same as lose. so yeahs, but children are supposedly more receptive to information in the morning.

ah young impressionable minds.

anw, since i didn't post yesterday, i shall make this post long so here's another fengshui taboo for you. don't take pictures in threes. hahahas. the flash is believed to suck the soul of the middle person away. hehs :P

and some random stuff about which zodiac aint compatible with which.
  1. rat and horse
  2. ox and goat/ram
  3. tiger and monkey
  4. rabbit and rooster
  5. dog and dragon
  6. snake and pig

so yeahs, those matches are apparently a big no-no. i wonder who's a rabbit... *shrug*

so there, your daily dose of fengshui. toodles :D