Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's raining :D

wheee. it's raining. which is much better than it being insanely hot. my fan ain't even on :X hahas. and i'm feeling vaguely high, cause my beyond words skin has finally gotten enough 5.0 ratings to raise my all time rating to 5.00 :D heh heh. sadly it's not on the top rated skins list cause i have a 4.5 rating :( but oh wells.


and i have a chinese book to read for my book review... it's due friday :X ah wells, 211 pages more to go! jiayous!

Stand, for what you believe in
Stand, for all that is right
Stand, when it's dark all around you
You can be that shining light.
Stand, when troubles come calling
Your gonna be alright
Stand, just reach deep inside you
And be that shining light.
I feel the earth shake, raise my voice
I have my soul, I have a choice
I feel it burning, I want more
So what am I waiting for?
-Stand, Billy Ray Cyrus