Tuesday, May 27, 2008

chew, chew, don't swallow

urghhh. my jaw hurts. and my tongue is like... tired. and don't think sick. (but then again, probably no one gets the double entendre, but all the better). i think i've been chewing too much gum... jaw hurts. like i chewed my way to school, and chewed my way back. and some chewing in between.
of course, it wasn't the same piece of gum. that'd be like... gross.

and my sis and her friends are singing like... weird songs in the room next door. sounds a little like nanabanana nanabanana something something something. something and nabana, something something something. which is just plain disturbing.

oh and the attempt to do chinese sia at ying's house today was an utter failure. we sort of... got distracted. but ying got distracted first! she was painting her nails. and i uhh... was doing a teeny weeny bit of chinese until polldaddy hung on me. that sucked.

and i'm having a hell of a time trying to get the colour of this skin to work... so retarded... ah wells i think i'll submit it, though i dont expect the comments to be good, seeing as the models in the image are well... weird.

do they have white chocolate chocolate chip cookies?