Monday, April 07, 2008

snape, snape, severus snape.

hahas. pammie played the "song" today, or the sound for weird ticking noise potter puppet pals vid. heehee.

ah the guy we wanted to invite for la sia cudnt find anyone. so now we're dead. and i'm supposed to be searchingggggg for other possible options :( oh dear. so sorry marshy, yun, jess, huiyi, elsa. but distractions... :X

which is your evil alter ego from harry potter?
created with
You scored as severus snape

snape...he proved to be rather brave so well-done!

severus snape


narcissa malfoy


draco malfoy


lucius malfoy


lord voldemort


bellatrix lestrange


heehee. severus! loveeee. :D heehee. it took me awhile to find a quiz that even has severus as one of the possible results. and when i tried those soulmate stuff, none had severus snape as an option. (is upset) worst thing is, i mostly got harry potters which is... not sastifying. he's such a !@$^*%@#@$$!!@#*!

lols. but i did get one where my um *cough cough* soulmate was james potter, of all things. i mean he's another @#$%$!!@$&%*!! peep who stole severus's love of his life away. bleah. oh and the one with draco malfoy. oh mannn. that's... just not right. malfoy's is ying's thing. can't stand him.

oh wells. shall uh. start on my lang arts sia. :( what job would you be willing to listen to for 1 hour? i mean. GAHHH. so sian.