Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the joys of reading

i loveeeeee this book! like uber love! the story line is so cool, there's so much action and the plot is just so unique that i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. :D can't wait to borrow another book by this author. maybe will borrow this saturday. anyway, if anyone actually reads my blog, the book is

it's brilliant k. la dee la dee las :X i think this author is better than dean koontz. heehee... and english names are like... so misleading. like when i was reading the book, i kept thinking the author was female. but oh, the author's male x_x
ah cca today was... sad. we did alice. like the mini project. was suppose to create this shortstory, but so lazy to animate, so mainly we just had a lot of speech bubbles. with retarded things like "HOWDY! AI'M BOB!" zzz. and "NO!! DON'T KILL ME. I'M A RABBIT!" man. so... lame. and we changed the title that was given to us. we changed the animals too. so now it's like
-.- we lack creativity. but oh wells...
and 2.4 today suckedddd. i deproved from last year, but i guess that's expected. i'm actually considering arranging running dates with ying. like on saturday or something. but ying is only free like really early, and i like, want to sleep.
and why do i talk like some retarded bimb? AHHH *counts* i've used 7 "like"s already. arghhhh. i need a bigger vocab, but that weirddd thing mr tan is making us do for lang arts, the one with the list of words that have the same meaning or something, is just... unhelpful. i can't bring myself to do it.
and homework. oh unglorious homework. the bane of my life. sigh. who likes homework. oh i think i have like, something stuck halfway down my trachea. like the last time i sneezed out a noodle. bleah. that was during mr tan bh class in sec 1. i think it happened in sec 2 too... can't remember. but lols. i suspect sal was thoroughly grossed out.
hmms. this is a long post. for some reason. i guess it's back to ranting. I LOVE MY DOGS SO MUCH. don't ask me why. i just do. and I LOVE CHRISTY TOO. heehee. i'm having fanfic withrawal symptoms. but i wanna skin. so this weekend no fanfic. unless i do all the homework thats due on fri before hand. then i can spend thurs fanfic-ing. but highly unlikely.
i think ying shouldn't get a rabbit. she should get a dog. dogs like... rule.
and W.B. Yeats poety is lovely. like when mr tan wanted us to choose our favourite poem, this was the first thing that came to mind. i like, read it in a fanfic somewhere, and it just stuck to me.