Sunday, April 20, 2008

i love horton


BWAHAHAHAH. ok lols. another post today cause well... I LOVE THAT DR SEUSS MOVIE. it so rocks. WHEEE. horton's such a nice elephant. ah great movie. really really funny. definitely a recomendation. i think it's just called horton. or horton and the whos. or something along those lines.

uh right. anw YING I WANT MY BOOK BACK YOU BOOB. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (i am not crazy/insane/*looks for a thesaurus*/mad/rabid/demented/unbalanced/mentally unsound/touched in the head/dotty/nuts)

heehee. i love the online thesaurus :D

on our first day in kindergarten we were shown a picture of an apple & two oranges. then we had to pick out which one didn't belong- the first thing we were taught is that being different is wrong.