Wednesday, April 23, 2008


AHHHHH. chem spa tomorrow. so totally freaking out. like completely freaking out. eeps. :X

i think something sizzled and snapped up there. yeps. i've gone utterly wonky. but oh hell. very worried about chem spa. i just don't understand it at all. i hate chemmmm. drives me mad. don't get it. can't get it. will probably never get it. don't understand how people can find chem easy o.O

oh wells. what's gonna happen will happen. (but for the record, i utterly do not like lab lessons. hence, i realllyyyy do not like lab assessments.)

friday there's gonna be a debate thing at the audi. i wonder if i shouldd go... hmms.

urgh. presentation on korean war tomorrow. rather freaked out?

oh oh oh. i'm just glad my la sia is almost done now :D just need to do research analysis(?) but to be honest, i was seriously freaked out when the speaker we invited started singing. it's so... unexpected. but at least he wasn't sleeping material.


i just realise how wrong that sounded. uh. shan't bother to correct it. you get my drift :P

and i'm trying to decide if i shud do a new design for class tee. i'm feeling rather lazy now see. so... i dunno. maths raft due friday. shud start storyboarding something... like something. beep.

you know, i realised i blog mainly to rant like a ranting maniac. this is so... uninformative. i shud have intellectual posts!


who am i kidding?

the more you run from a problem, the further you have to walk back to fix it.