Saturday, March 29, 2008

happy birthday yong zhi

hahas. yong zhi's party today. so funnnn. HI MY NAME IS JOEY. hahas. we swapped names :D we being me, ying, jo, kat and darrell. so basically i was joey, ying was kat, jo was darrell, kat was me and darrell was ying.

i hope i have successfully confused you :p

anyway it was a great load of fun. wish i could swim but so late le... zzz. such a pity.


hahas. anw basically played card games and randomed about stuff. and built card towers :D and i can't play bridge. seriously. like i don't know how to.

ah itching horribly now. and my cat didnt eat the beetle yesterday. it disappeared under my table, just like everthing else that gets down there. oh but christy is looking so cute on my bed right now :D

and ying, christy is SOOOO much cuter than that cat we saw at yz's condo. that cat is like... ANOREXIC! and christy isn't fat :p she's pleasantly plumb. love love love my fat fat cat! oh but when i lived in central grove, christy LOVEDDDD to sit on the window sill. i think she fell out once or twice. i remember an incident where she was trying to catch a butterfly. for some reason, she didnt fall 4 storeys and to her death. i bet she's used up her 9 lives.

oh she still jumps out of windows.

ah itchy. still itchy. i need to go find a cure for heat rash. toodles.