Monday, March 31, 2008

A for apples, B for bananas, C for crazy

ah so the bio experiment starts today. will have to take pictures later at 9. i wonder if theres a way to like make daytime lighting so the image quality will be better. ah wells will just try.

and blogskin wars are just... crazy. and amusing to read. life's too short to hold grudges man, unless of course you've been living with that person for 12 years and still counting. argh. said person is now in my room admiring herself in the mirror. annoyed.

and ying is crazy. but i guess its like, a good crazy. she like jogged over from her house earlier today when huiyi and joey were here for bio. and later at dinner my mum was like

"eh that girl was she here to do the project too?"
"no larhs. she just wanted to jog here."
"really? where does she live?"
"marine parade"
"woah. eh that's far. but then again she looks quite fit. dark dark one, not like you"

bleahhhh. ying is healthy. but good for her. bet she's gonna ace her 2.4.

tra la la. i want to start reading fanfiction again. i'm suffering from withrawal symptoms. zzz. but need to study for chinese lecture quiz... dont wannnttttt. gahs. the opium war. so.... irritating. oh speaking of quizes, i wonder when we'll get back our chem and physics papers. like today me and ying were peeping in 314 cause they were going through chem paper. i think i'm so dead.

oh wells. toodles.